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Obama Administration Cracks Down on States' Efforts to Defund Planned Parenthood

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  • Obama Administration Cracks Down on States' Efforts to Defund Planned Parenthood

    The Obama Administration says that the recent action taken by Louisiana and Alabama to defund Planned Parenthood is in violation of federal law.


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    The actions by Louisiana and Alabama may violate federal law but does the federal government have the constitutional right to pass laws governing what states do in this area? The Constitution gives the states all rights except those specifically given to the federal government or prohibited to the states. As far as I know there is nothing in the Constitution that gives the federal government the authority to regulate state spending for providing health care.
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      Theophilus, what's that "constitution" you speak of? The feds (and 5 of 9 on the Supreme Court) do pretty much anything they want, regardless of the Constitution.

      Medicare taxes are collected by the federal government, so they can easily withhold medicare payments to the state if the states don't administer them as the feds wish. It would be interesting to see the states challenge the feds. "We're cutting off just Planned Parenthood, Obama is cutting off all the poor and elderly in the state." But, the Liberal media would pin everything on the state and the GOP. And, the GOP doesn't care about conservative causes, only conservative votes, so you know the outcome, the states quickly cave.

      Even if the states collected their own medicare taxes, the feds would withhold unrelated funds until the states capitulate, and the federal courts and the media would smile upon the feds (why don't conservative states just ignore the unconstitutional Supreme Court SSM ruling). Besides, don't we have more important things address, like the need to go to war with Iran to stop their legal nuclear weapons program that they don't have?
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