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Chinese Government Continues to Crackdown on Churches

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  • Chinese Government Continues to Crackdown on Churches

    Religious tension is mounting in China as the government continues to crackdown on Christian churches.


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    I spent a year teaching English in China and still have many friends there. The facts are simple regarding Communist China and Christianity. For a long time Christianity was not acceptable to Communist dogma. But in recent decades the Chinese government has not only stopped opposing Christianity, but has actively supported it in the building of churches, training of clergy and producing of Bibles. But they only recognise two branches of Christianity - Catholic and Protestant. And, of course, they want to control the churches they support. The problems only arise when independent groups want to start their own home group churches. The government cannot understand why this is necessary. If you are a Christian, fine, chose a church - Catholic or Protestant. If you secretly start your own group, they not only lose control, they also suspect that subversive goings on may be occurring. At the moment Christianity in China is growing at such a rapid rate, that if it continues, it will be the most Christianised country in the world at the end of the next decade.

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      China's crackdown on big crosses on buildings reminds me of the 2009 Swiss ban on Islamic minarets, they want to scrub from their skyline any evidence of Islam, while still insisting they fully support religious freedom.

      I see no reason why a Christian feels obligated to meet in a "secret church", as long as they have access to non-secret churches that don't require them to sin.

      How does the Chinese government distinguish between a home church and just a home bible study?

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