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Anti-abortion Congressman Asked Mistress to Get Abortion

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    Anti-abortion Congressman Asked Mistress to Get Abortion

    A Congressman who supported pro-life legislation allegedly asked his mistress to get an abortion, reports ABC News.


    This man is like so many who know whats right and that abortion is murder. When caught in a adultery, they want to hide their sin, even to the point of murdering a child. God will judge not only this couple, but all who murder the unborn children. This is wickedness!

    There is no sin that is unforgivable with repentance and confession for not only the Christian, but whomever will turn from their sin and become a Follower of Jesus Christ. If someone says they are a Christian and gets involved in sex outside of marriage its high time to reevaluate if their faith in Jesus Christ is genuine.

    I am reminded of King David, how he suffered for his adultery, the death of their child, oh how painful deliberate sin is, even sins as little as a lie is no less painful and that is for our sins Jesus paid the price with His blood shed, and put to death on a Cross, but he rose again.

    I openly admit my heart so needs the Love of Goooooood, and Jesus love has kept me going when my sins have been washed away.



      Aren't we glad our Congressmen are Consistent -- living such ethical and moral lives


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