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Bibles Pour into Cuba to Meet Christianity Boom

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  • Bibles Pour into Cuba to Meet Christianity Boom


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    It is encouraging to learn there is a place where Bibles are being welcomed instead of being destroyed.
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      Our church is doing an "after school" program on Fridays at a secular (public) school, and the faculty their is very "enthusiastic" and extremely pleased with the results it's having on the kids. This article reminds me that this world belongs to God and that He is sovereign in it, calling from every nation and tongue, a people for Himself, no matter the hostility and the most unlikely places you will find The Holy Spirit at work. Praise The Lord!

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        There are a lot of things, like Americans who want Cuba to remain isolated. For what? Keeping Bibles out of Cuba? Preventing cultural change away from Communism? So that Cubans can't have hope? So that political prisoners are never released? Communism thrives on isolation. Consider the iron curtain, berlin wall, and the dead zone around North Korea. Communists do everything they can to close off their societies, so we do we help them?

        Today's theme is sin, disorder, or lifestyle choice? What is with those who oppose normalizing relations with Cuba, especially now that Castro is no longer in power and the USSR is long gone?
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