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Remains of five Archbishops found in Lambeth

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  • Remains of five Archbishops found in Lambeth

    Workmen lowering a floor in London for a new exhibition found the resting place of 17th and 18th century churchman, including 5 Archbishops of Canterbury. It is strange to think that the resting places of such highly placed churchmen were lost , when it has only been a couple of centuries and records cover that period quite thoroughly. The current plans are that they will be left to rest in the uncovered crypt, but a glass plate will be fitted over the opening to allow visitors to gaze in on the tombs. I think that seems rather irreverent myself, and that the crypt should have been resealed with a marker to ensure it was not lost again. Nonetheless, it is a historical find for the church.
    Builders restoring a medieval church next to the official residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury have discovered five 'lost' coffins containing the remains of former Archbishops.
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