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Politically (in)Correct: Words of Mind Deterioration

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    Politically (in)Correct: Words of Mind Deterioration

    The era we live in is going crazy. Very crazy. Berserk at playing around circles with truth. Delusional is the correct word for such a culture of disinformation and flummery that totally embrace politically correct safe spaces.

    "Nobody speaks the truth when there's something they must have", Elizabeth Bowen puts it. They actually-- to the core muscular organ in that upper part of the body, believe their own rhetoric. Do they? Or do they have that organ to decipher truth to begin with?

    I'm too harsh. But what's so enchanting about the puppetry of the mainstream? For the last decade, or so, this kind of PC totalitarian bamboozlement has got to stop. Right here. Right now.

    There. Done with politically correct nonsense. :mad:

    The joys of political correctness. Welcomed by none, not least the people it's supposed to help. My favorite line on it is still "I am not hearing Impaired. I am Deaf. I don't hear at all!" delivered at volume by someone who had had enough of the condescension.

    Have you yet encountered the advanced group: the "belief shapes reality" set? It started with a philosophical concept called qualia, meaning that everyone experiences colour etc. slightly differently because they have slightly different senses, perspectives etc. Somehow this went in the mainstream from everyone has a slightly different experiences, to that meaning we can't tell anyone they are wrong because their experience might be right, to believing that belief actually shapes what is real. It's easy to disprove, but people still follow this.

      Originally posted by ChatterBox View Post
      Have you yet encountered the advanced group: the "belief shapes reality" set?
      This is the group behind the transgender rights movement.
      Clyde Herrin's Blog

        Euphemism, with watermelon balls in the cheek, takes the credit for hideous 'lying through the teeth.' That's all there is to it. You know-- the doubletalk, political jargon, hogwash, mambo jumbo, racist/fascist-card to shut down conversation from reality and truth.
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