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Marijuana-Worshipping Church Granted Tax-Exempt Status from IRS

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    Marijuana-Worshipping Church Granted Tax-Exempt Status from IRS

    A church in Indiana that claims to worship marijuana has officially been granted tax-exempt status from the IRS.


    It's easy for any kind of non-profit (except conservative) organization to get tax-exempt status from the IRS (contrary to propaganda, churches don't get special treatment). What's interesting, if reports are correct, is that the IRS accepts as religious an organization that makes no claim whatsoever in believing in God, or the supernatural. Further compounding that oddity is that this organization promotes activity that is illegal under both state and federal law, even under Supreme court precedent (the courts have sided with the government in peyote prohibition against Indians claiming religious rights). And, of course, no one at the IRS thinks for a second that this cannabis club is anything other than an excuse to get high.

    But, we should run with it. Atheism is a religion. Any belief system that makes a reference to God, even to deny God or to redefine God as something natural, is a religion.


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