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When a Christian Finds a Member of the Islamic State, He Gives Him a Taste of Being an ISIS Victim

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    When a Christian Finds a Member of the Islamic State, He Gives Him a Taste of Being an ISIS Victim

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    ISIS’ grisly videos depicting the beheadings of both western captives and enemy soldiers have been hitting the internet for nearly a year, earning ISIS the scorn of the civilized world for their barbarism.This week a Syrian Christian militant who was fighting with Kurdish forces beheaded an ISIS captive in retaliation for the kidnapping and beheading of Syrians at the hands of ISIS, according to The Daily Mail.

    It is believed that more than 220 Syrians were kidnapped from villages captured by ISIS in February, and last week photos from Palmyra emerged showing “decapitated bodies strewn in the streets.”

    The ISIS captive’s beheading was captured on video, which is described by The Daily Mail:

    The captive, who gives his name as Ziad Abdel’al Abu Tarek, is filmed walking barefoot in an orange jumpsuit across barren land to a pick axe and shovel, before digging the grave.

    A white truck pulls up behind him bearing the recognisable black ISIS flag, and the footage then cuts to a shot of him kneeling on the ground in front of his executioner.
    The video also shows the aftermath of the barbaric killing.

    Here is striking video of the ISIS prisoner digging his own grave, before he was beheaded:

    Reaction to the beheading is varied. Some feel it is justifiable, given the terror ISIS has inflicted upon the residents of areas it has seized – beheading townspeople, making women into sex slaves, and more, and that by using a videotaped execution as a means of retribution ISIS will know its enemies are serious.

    Others believe that it is not right to do the same things we condemn ISIS for. What do you think?
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