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Lack of Christian Values in Leaders

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  • Lack of Christian Values in Leaders

    The more I hear and see the more concerned I am that without leadership who have even the basic Christian values we are doomed

    I have been investigating a lot into Henry VIII, as a history buff. Put aside all hype from movies, series , etc. And look at this man from a leadership role and you will see a very corrupt person who committed hanous sins and criminal activities because he was not only above the law but was the law.

    Look closely at our candidates and you will see not only one but two individuals above the law.

    HRC nor Trump are pure, both are power hungry, have gotten where they are by any means possible, neither one supports Christian values in my estimation. It's a choice of who is least vile.

    I fear for our nation and how long we can continue down this path not only here but in the world.
    I sm curious what others think, to me I feel that God is warning us that the clock is ticking.

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    Our nation has endured some crazy election cycles in the past but this one is the craziest one I can remember. But, I think we will be OK. Let's just keep praying for all of our leaders, that they will have encounters with God and serve him above all else.

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      We have a good Christian vice president. Perhaps we should pray that Trump will resign or be impeached so he can become president. Here is a blog post I read about him:

      A Ray of Hope… | Watch Your Life and Doctrine Closely…
      Clyde Herrin's Blog

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        Lets make America Great is beyond Trump's capability. Lord willing, even a Jack Ass can be used as a mouthpiece for God. I'm confident God can use anyone to His glory, and that includes Trump. Only God can make America great again, but I wonder how many men turned to God when America's leadership failed them?

        Oh, and I hope God takes away Trump's Twitter account. ;)

        God bless,

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          Originally posted by theophilus View Post
          We have a good Christian vice president. Perhaps we should pray that Trump will resign or be impeached so he can become president. Here is a blog post I read about him:

          A Ray of Hope… | Watch Your Life and Doctrine Closely…
          I see Trump himself as a good Christian too going by few of his talks I have listened to. The truth remains God can use any man to make America great again whether he was a well known Christian or not.

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            Looking at it from the standpoint of Christianity you can understand that everything in the life of the believer is related to God. What he reads, views, studies, and tries his best to avoid the near occasion of sin. The life of the unbelieving is estranged from what the Christian's way of life is. Remember, the believing have a responsibility to maintain, whereas the secular world has no constraints except what is considered to be repulsive in their thinking. For instance the unbelieving are not all "bad people." They just live a life that is devoid of a relationship with God. God never enters their thinking unless they witness the death of a loved one or come upon a sudden tragedy . "Oh my God, " is the usual response . Not being critical . The believing are in complete control by the Holy Spirit and use the highest degree of caution to steer away from sin. We have to be constantly on the look out and observe complete obedience to the Word !

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              Trump will be an excellent president if he keeps all of his promises as best he can. I doubt of he is power hungry or had a self centered reason to be president . I am looking forward to a complete renovation of government . Not what we had to endure for the last eight years . And no, Mr.Trump is not a Christian. But that was not his purpose for running for the high office. I see jobs, growth in the economy, Affordable health care, and most of all a hand on job killing regulations. The democrats are on a witch hunt to unseat Mr. Trump. They cannot understand that they lost this election .So my advice ,if it's worth anything, is to be cautious of what you read or see on TV . Because the liberal media will do or say anything to cast a shadow of doubt on Trump's presidency. The democrats cannot offer a decent candidate to equal the integrity of Trump. So Hillary Clinton is certainly not the candidate of choice . Seeing that she never had anything to offer but her dishonesty and lies that don't seem to bother her a bit ! And that's dangerous !
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