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Boy Scouts President Calls for Withdraw of Ban on Gay Leaders

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  • Boy Scouts President Calls for Withdraw of Ban on Gay Leaders

    Robert Gates, president of the Boy Scouts of America, called for the organization’s ban on gay adult leaders to be lifted this week.


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    Robert Gates needs to be removed. Part of the Boy Scout oath is "to God and my country". God would find Gates' idea an abomination, as He finds homosexuality an abomination. If they want to be gay scouts, let them start their own organization, not mess up a good one. It's supposed to be a free country, after all. Why force people to do what they don't want to do when those people can just start their own organizations instead? For example, Gay marriage should not be done in churches because God is against homosexuality. Let them marry outside the church, not pollute the beliefs of the church. Same with the Boy/Girl Scouts.

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      Liberals, especially Sodomites, including the Troop that hired the sodomite, would sooner see the Scouts dragged over coals and destroyed for being "homophobic" than abide by a policy designed to keep the boys safe from predators, and a policy designed to help guide young men to become the kind of men they should be. It's simple, the Scouts should disenfranchised the Troop that hired the homosexual. But, the mainstream media would engage in a massive campaign of hate and intimidation against the Boy Scouts. Do the right thing and become a whipping boy. Or, do the wrong thing and sacrifice children. By not taking action against the offending troop, the Boy Scouts are choosing the wrong thing.

      The good news is that Trail Life, a Boy Scout alternative, seems to be coming along nicely. Trial Life was created by some Boy Scout leaders in the wake of the decision to allow homosexual boys into the Scouts (would you let male and female teens share a two-man tent, especially if the teens are sexually troubled). I
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