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11 Policemen shot by snipers tonight in Dallas

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  • 11 Policemen shot by snipers tonight in Dallas

    11 policemen have been shot by 2 rooftop snipers, 4 are dead, 2 are in critical condition, at a peaceful protest march in Dallas (the march happened to protest the killing of a black man in Baton Rouge by police officers there).
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    DEVELOPING: Dallas Police confirmed shortly before midnight local time that both suspects in the murder of four police officers were in custody, with one of the suspects captured after a shootout with SWAT members. A suspicious package discovered near that suspect's location was being secured by bomb squad members.

    Read More: Dallas sniper who gunned down 5 cops 'wanted to kill white people,' chief says | Fox News
    Looks like the peaceful "anti" brutality police rally was actually an "anti" police rally. Wonder if they even consider these kinds of protests as being a set up for an ambush. I think it important to note it was a Black Lives Matter protest.

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      Rumors have it that a radical black power group issued a warning [on their Facebook page (which allegedly has now been deleted)] that they'd kill more cops right after the five LEOs were killed. BLM is now a domestic terrorist group and the Federal government should class it as such. How many more people will be killed before action is taken?

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        This is all such a shame. I don't hate blacks nor am I opposed to the idea of black lives matter. But it's literally too out of hand and there's no where for this group to go but downhill from here.

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          Why has racism been allowed to take many people's lives. I know that even white police officers have got families who depend on them. The black killings should also be stopped. If the killings continue then I think the economy of USA will be affected. If the authorities and leaders have failed to look for a way of stopping the killings then America is heading in a wrong direction. We have to pray if we want Americans to live in peace.
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