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What Roughly a Dozen ISIS Members Do To an Innocent 9-Year-Old Little Girl Goes… Far Beyond Rape

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    What Roughly a Dozen ISIS Members Do To an Innocent 9-Year-Old Little Girl Goes… Far Beyond Rape

    The decimation of the Iraq-based Yazidi religious community at the hands of ISIS is common knowledge by this point. It is also well known that the terror group regularly turn captured Yazidi women into sex slaves.

    However, according to aid workers on the front lines, it is even worse than that. They are not only raping and torturing grown women, they are also doing it to children, some as young as 9-years-old.

    Charity workers in the region discovered the abused 9-year-old, who was recently released after being held captive for over 8 months. It is said she was raped by 10 different members of ISIS and, even sadder, was made pregnant by one of them.

    Yousif Daoud, a Canadian-based aid worker who recently returned from the region, discussed the situation with the Toronto Star:

    “This girl is so young she could die if she delivers a baby,” he said. “Even a caesarian section is dangerous. The abuse she has suffered left her mentally and physically traumatized.”

    “She was sexually abused by no fewer than 10 men. Most of them were front-line fighters or suicide bombers who are given girls as a reward.”

    Many believe ISIS release female hostages after being raped as a way of disrupting the Yazidi community, which places chastity in high esteem:

    “Sending back those girls and women is a way of shaming the whole community,” Daoud said. “If they are married, their husbands won’t take them back if they are pregnant. And it’s clear that the babies will never be accepted.”
    The 9-year-old girl, currently recuperating in Germany, was one of 216 prisoners that were released this week, and was one of 40 children. According to reports, most of the freed prisoners showed signs of major neglect and abuse.
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