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Why Bernie Sanders is the best choice for President

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    Why Bernie Sanders is the best choice for President

    • He has never run an attack ad in his life. Yes, it is true, throughout the various positions he has campaigned for, from Mayor to Senator to now President, Bernie has never once ran an attack ad against his opponents.
    • He isn't funded by a Super PAC. Bernie's campaign has not received a single corporate donor, and all of his donations come from middle and lower class Americans. He has nonetheless run an effective campaign, and received half a million dollars in donations in the hour after he announced his candidacy alone.
    • He is a socialist. To quote the website, "we’ve heard that President Obama is a socialist Marxist boogeyman that was sent by George Soros to destroy the American economy and freedom as we know it." However, Bernie Sanders is a Democratic Socialist who wants a system modeled after the Scandinavian model of Democratic Socialism for the US. This encourages benefits like Healthcare for All, Free College Tuition, etc. The countries of Scandinavia and others that follow their model, such as Germany, are some of the best countries to live in the world.
    • He supports a raising of the minimum wage, and doesn't expect it to happen right away. Bernie has stated that it is his goal, that by the end of his five years that he would have the minimum wage up to $15 an hour, because, as most would agree, $7 an hour is a starvation wage.
    • He has had consistent views throughout his life. Bernie Sanders, for as long as he has had a political opinion, has been a socialist, and rarely, if ever changes his stance on issues. The most common change of opinion he is bashed for is changing his opinion on gun control, which he did once, and after quite some time from when he stated his original opinion.
    • He supported civil rights in his youth. Bernie was actually arrested while marching with civil rights activists in the 60s, and was at Martin Luther King Jr's speech in DC, while his Democrat opponent, Hillary Clinton, actually voted for Segregation Laws (I find it ironic therefore that Hillary gets the most Black voters)
    • He was an independent before the race. Before entering the race for President of the United States, he was an independent politician and was never in a political party.
    • He proposes free or reduced cost college. Have you ever heard the saying "knowledge is power?" Knowledge is a very important resource needed to run a great nation, and making it more widely available will undoubtedly make this country a better place."
    • He is honest, and hasn't lied once yet, unlike the alternative Hillary and Trump."

    Can I go to the stage and shut him up and talk on his microphone despite being told by him to go down? Then he has my support.

      Originally posted by AGustOfWind View Post
      He is a socialist.
      You have given a lot of good reasons for supporting him but this is a reason not to support him.
      Clyde Herrin's Blog

        Originally posted by theophilus View Post
        You have given a lot of good reasons for supporting him but this is a reason not to support him.
        An excellent reason.

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