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Facebook Users Petition Social Media Site to Add ‘Polyamorous’ to Relationship Status List

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  • Facebook Users Petition Social Media Site to Add ‘Polyamorous’ to Relationship Status List

    A petition to persuade Facebook to add “polyamorous” to the list of relationship designations which users can choose is gaining traction.


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    Polyamorous to polygamous relationships. Seems like a petition is being used to persuade either Facebook to do something illegal or change our laws. There are tons of Christian groups on Facebook, I can't figure out why they would use such a platform considering the secular moderation, policies, and advertisements.

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      I think it is more of a gag than a real movement. But at the same time you have to remember that Facebook is the #1 web destination in the world, having overtaken Google last year. I am not sure citing US laws for something like ´legal ´status would even matter. There are plenty of young people who put ´married´ to people who they are not married to. But again, I think it is just a gag, simiilar to the boaty mcboat thing...

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        I wonder why people feel the need to define themselves with labels? I always advise privacy on social media because you cannot predict how others will react. Is it important to have a status, and is that more of a perception than a reality? I see as petesede says, people say they are married to one another (when they are actually just best friends) or that someone is their brother or mom and they aren't actually related. I saw this on my cousin's Facebook, and wondered was there family I didn't know about, but then saw she was married to her best friend.
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