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Catholic and Russian Orthodox Churches Hold Reconciliation Meeting in Cuba

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    Catholic and Russian Orthodox Churches Hold Reconciliation Meeting in Cuba

    Catholic Church leader Pope Francis is scheduled to meet with the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill in the unlikely location of Cuba’s international airport.


    I have been to Cuba several times, most recently in 2013. I'm no friend of Roman Catholicism but Pope John Paul II's visit to that country did start a palpable interest in religion, if not faith in Christ itself. Hopefully, faith in the Lord will come as a result of religion. I'm left wondering what-on-earth the Russian Orthodox Church is doing in Latin America??? I've never seen them there anywhere.

    The Cubans I met during my trips to their country were kind and honest. Impressive folk, really. When my rented scooter broke down in a hick town far from anywhere, the locals bent over backwards to help me...and no one expected money. Had this happened in Mexico, I probably would have been mugged or worse. I also recall walking in Havana's poorest neighborhood, «Barrio chino», with a bottle of expensive rum I had just bought (worth a week's salary for the average Cuban, $8), and I never felt threatened.

    Contrast this to my recent trip to Columbia last January. The hotel staff told the guests that we should not be ouside the downtown area after 6pm...

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