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Pro-abortionists Upset That Super Bowl Commercial ‘Humanizes Fetus’

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    Pro-abortionists Upset That Super Bowl Commercial ‘Humanizes Fetus’

    A Doritos ad that was shown during Sunday’s Super Bowl has been accused of being sexist and anti-choice.


    The same hate-driven feminist nuttiness that takes offense to a comical commercial that features fetus reaching for their product is the same hate-driven nuttiness that caused a government buss company to refuse to accept advertisements from a service that provides support to pregnant women, because that service doesn't provide abortion referrals.

      Many people advocate boycotting companies that promote ideas they don't approve of. When a company promotes idea that are good we should support them by buying their products. I intend to buy some Doritos the next time I go grocery shopping in order to express my support for their ad.

      Doritos is made by Fritolay. Check this link to find some of the other brands they make: Frito-Lay - Home
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        Doritos had no intention of supporting the pro-life cause. They simply thought it was a funny to have a fetus reaching for their product. Below is a pro-homosexual package to celebrate the Supreme Court enshrining same-sex relationships as a constitutional virtue, and setting the foundation to coerce the public to support the homosexual lifestyle. I won't buy Doritos. But, yes, Christians should be much, much more thoughtful about how they spend their money, on what products they buy and thus what agendas they support with their money.

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          Humanizes fetuses, hmmm, ok forgive me here but if a human father and a human mother are having a baby wouldn't the fetus be,,, oh I don't know,, HUMAN?, I think this whole thread so far shows just where the lie of evolution and humanism has gotten our society, the intolerance of tolerance and dehumanizing of innocent people has gone way out to left field, and also riddle me this, why is it ok for people to do these things today for convenience but Hitler and Stalin, and Mussolini, to name a few condemned for their actions?, there is only ONE difference the unborn cant cry out and be heard.,


            The Isrealites in the desert built a golden idol, a calf. That calf wasn't just an object they worshiped. It was also an altar where children were sacrificed. Abortion is the sacred child sacrifice of feminists. To Feminists, for a TV commercial to treat an unborn baby as something other than a potential sacrifice is, well, sacrilege.
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