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Focus on the Family President Condemns Indictment of Pro-life Journalists

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  • Focus on the Family President Condemns Indictment of Pro-life Journalists

    A grand jury indictment of the activists who went undercover to expose Planned Parenthood practices is an example of “government hypocrisy,” the president of Focus on the Family writes in a column for


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    This just shows how high up and far reaching these people are, and how far they go to hide their doings, if you look into this subject much further you will be sick to find fetal tissue in things like MT dew, and is staunchly supported by places like Starbucks.

    It is horrible how you can be arrested for selling horse meat, or various other animals but its all good to sell aborted human meat and the only ones prosecuted are the ones who speak out in truth, these are the days people when they call good evil and evil good, I pray Jesus don't wait much longer but at the same time I am so afraid He will come soon because of all the lost who are willing to hear.

    If there's one thing that gets me madder than a wet setting hen its abortion, if I am allowed I will post a couple of speeches by Scott Klusendorf,,if you'd like of course.

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      Texas grand jury has charged the pair with tampering with a government document and Daleiden has also been charged with attempting to buy fetal tissue.
      Obiously, the Prosecutor is pro-abortion and took this opportunity to abuse his power. These pro-life journalists did nothing that's not typical of undercover investigations. The Prosecutor knows there was no was no intent to buy baby parts. But, he knows from the video that the unindicted Planned Parenthood representatives intended to sell baby parts. It was also the journalist's video to edit, so there's no tampering with a government document. In a sane world, the Prosecutor would be disbarred for abuse of office.
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