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Hillary Clinton: ‘I Am a Person of Faith. I Am a Christian’

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    Hillary Clinton: ‘I Am a Person of Faith. I Am a Christian’

    On the campaign trail in Iowa recently, Hillary Clinton spoke about her faith and the impact it has on her life.


    Hillary Clinton loves to throw the Christian label around, but she is as liberal and as apostate as they come.

    Hillary Clinton: Force Christians to Change Their Religious Views to Support Abortion

      Burnie Sanders, a Jew on the atheist side of the religion, says he believes in God... But, then he defines God as, "To me, it means that all of us are connected, all of life is connected, and that we are all tied together.”

      Hillary is a Christian like Sanders is a Jew.

      My study of the Bible and my many conversations with people of faith has led me to believe that the most important commandment is to love the lord with all your might, and to love your neighbor as yourself. That is what I think we are commanded by Christ to do.
      Hillary's conversations with people of faith (what faith?) has lead her to believe something that's almost a direct quote from Jesus, and yet she still only "thinks" this is what Christ commanded? Hillary calling herself a Christian and then saying that is like someone who has never ridden a bicycle claiming to be able to ride and then riding a wobbly three feet to prove it.

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