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YouTube channel suggestions.

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    YouTube channel suggestions.

    Know of any good YouTube channels?

    Two come to mind. Wretched, good sound doctrine and they cover all sorts of topics.
    And Ligioniers ministries, apologists like R.C. Sproul teach on reformed doctrine.

    For "Reformed", try:
    Bruce Gore: Bruce Gore - YouTube
    Organized playists: Bruce Gore Lectures - Bible Research Tools

    Master's Seminary: The Master's Seminary - YouTube
    Organized playists: The Master's Seminary - Bible Research Tools

    Reformed Seminary: ReformedSeminary - YouTube
    Playlists: ReformedSeminary - YouTube

    For "Traditional", try:
    Leighton Flowers: Leighton Flowers - YouTube
    (former Calvinist professor who now opposes Calvinism)

    For "Preterist", try:
    David Curtis: Berean Bible Church - YouTube
    (Full Preterist, but believes in Calvinist doctrine of total depravity and sovereign election.)

    For "Wild and Crazy", try:
    Spiritual Realm: Spiritual Realm - Bible Research Tools
    (Michael Heiser and David Curtis. Heiser is an Ancient Semitic Language scholar.)

    There are many well-organized playlists/links under the Media menu on Bible Research Tools website. Topics include Creationism, Intelligent Design, Archaeology, Astronomy, and Textual Criticism. I visit it frequently to check for updates.


      Not really what you asked but some Youtube subscriptions I think you'll get a kick out of.

      For entertainment and a Conservative view I subscribe to: PragerU - YouTube

      For satirical laughs: LutheranSatire - YouTube

      God bless,

        I forgot to mention David Rives Ministries and Answeres in Genesis.

        And for killing boredom there's JStuStudios, two goofy college guys who go around playing pranks on people. And PupinaStewart, just a silly kid making vlogs.
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