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    I love Sci-Fi (not supernatural), but there’s only a little on TV. And a lot of that little isn’t very good. But, I’ve been recently watching a couple of well-made shows. One of them is Ascension, now playing on Netflix. The plot is that in 1963 a multi-generational ship was secretly launched from Earth to colonize another planet. The story takes place today, more than 50 years into the voyage.

    The technology should be limited to 1963. But, their computers look like ca1980. And, they have a video library with movies stored on what looks like small solid-state cards, which probably wouldn’t have been possible until ca1990 (but, still prohibitively expensive). The flawless gravity generator (never mentioned) would be ca2200. And, the idea of a manned ship, of 600, going to another solar system years before we landed on the moon is also a decision that makes it harder to suspend disbelief.

    Several episodes in, there’s a big plot twist. It makes the story more plausible and allows the show to go in a less trite direction.

    The show isn’t for children. There are intense situations. A politically powerful woman on the ship runs what looks like a prostitution ring. Refreshingly, there’s no homosexual activity or couples. But, we are informed that one of the main characters (and most heroic) is a homosexual. I don’t know why we are told that, aside from maybe you can’t make a show anymore without a nod to homosexuality, else you be accused of homophobia and be blackballed from Hollywood.

    There have only been six episodes made, and that’s probably all that will be made. This is what’s so frustration about Sci-Fi, most shows don’t get run past the second season, or even past the pilot. So many of them tease with mysteries and plot lines that go irritatingly unresolved.

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