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The Walking Dead

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    The Walking Dead

    Does anyone else here watch the Walking Dead? What did you guys think of season 7 and are you looking forward to season 8? I don't want to write too much because I don't want to spoil it for anyone that maybe wants to start watching the series or someone who hasn't watched season 7 yet. Personally, I love the last few episodes of season 7. The beginning of the season wasn't that exciting but the last few episodes had some great plots!

    I watched season 1 and 2, i think. But it was getting to scary for me so I stopped. Any movie that has the potential to give me a nightmares I refrain.
    I just watched a new series called "designated survival" very intense.

      I miss Hershel. I liked how he read the Bible and was not portrayed (as is so often the case) as a nut or schemer.
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        I don't watch The Walking Dead, at least not yet. I have seen only one episode, and a few scenes with Negan which I liked so I just have to make myself start watching it since he is a very cool villain. I know everyone loves this show but I never figured out why since I am not a fan of zombie apocalypses that much, but I'll just have to see it for myself I guess.

          I watched some of these episodes not to long ago and they were not to bad,but I grew up more with the greatest zombie movie of all time and the original-and of course this is the movie called "Night of the Living Dead"(George A. Romero-director) and I always like to watch this movie on Halloween night,which is fun. I would say I have to agree with George A. Romero though- who just passed on a few days ago and he said that "The Walking Dead" was basically just a soap opera with a ocassional zombie.


            I really like the Walking Dead, however, I'm not caught up with season 7. From what you're saying I assume it gets better. It was a little slow for me so I haven't finished it. It's a great show, but I haven't loved the latest seasons. I'll try to catch up soon and see. Maybe I haven't paid enough attention to it in the latest season.

              I watched most of it on network network TV then I saw the episiode where Glenn and Abraham were killed on satellite at a friend's house, not long after that I quit watching. Not judging anyone, but does it honor Christ when we use our time to be entertained by watching death, even if it's not real? Two characters had their heads smashed open with a baseball bat in graphic way, Glenn's scalp was stuck to it. Before that the group as a run in with cannibals leading to a scene of people being hit in the back of the head and then having their throuts cut to bleed out onto a table.
              These aren't good things to focus our minds on, may Christ move you to stop watching, go through your house and throw out your horror movies, and just turn the TV off.
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