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    Does anyone else here watch the Walking Dead? What did you guys think of season 7 and are you looking forward to season 8? I don't want to write too much because I don't want to spoil it for anyone that maybe wants to start watching the series or someone who hasn't watched season 7 yet. Personally, I love the last few episodes of season 7. The beginning of the season wasn't that exciting but the last few episodes had some great plots!

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    I watched season 1 and 2, i think. But it was getting to scary for me so I stopped. Any movie that has the potential to give me a nightmares I refrain.
    I just watched a new series called "designated survival" very intense.

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      I miss Hershel. I liked how he read the Bible and was not portrayed (as is so often the case) as a nut or schemer.
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