Has 'Grey's Anatomy' Found McDreamy's Replacement?

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  • Has 'Grey's Anatomy' Found McDreamy's Replacement?

    As "Grey's Anatomy" approaches Season 12, news has emerged producers have found a replacement for Dr. Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd's character.


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    I have binge watched season 12. The new "McDreamy" seems like a rebound to Mer. He's shady, not like Derek who was sweet and charming.

    And by by the way the final episode ended, I think this new "McDreamy" isn't going to last.

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      I haven't had a chance to watch it since. My friend and I were discussing the said topic last night and he was saying they would've made McDreamy died in an episode, I told him they would most likely get a replacement. I will definitely be watching to see how it plays out in the next season.

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        Do you guys watch GA on Netflix or TV? It takes so long to come out on Netflix, but when it does, I (embarrassingly) binge watch like crazy. (Does anyone else feel guilty for watching dumb dramas like this?)

        As far as the title of this thread - I notice it is from June 2015, which is after Season 12 has aired - and indeed Meredith has a new partner. Interestingly, Martin Henderson apparently wasn't thrilled about his character being paired with her.

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          I've just started watching G.A. because I like medical programs. But I think there's almost more sex going on than hospital stuff. Direct TV has it on for 3 or 4 episodes in a row. I miss the days of Diagnosis Murder and Doc And our TV lost the ER series.

          When I discovered that the two women were a married couple on the show -- it lost a lot of its' appeal. And the one gal that had been on the 'Love comes softly' series. She started out that series as a young bride who's husband got killed accidentally. But her character on Grey's Anatomy. Well......
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