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  • Look!How beautiful!

    People have the rich variety of images to innovative , it lets us ponder where the wisdom of human comes from? Is a person born with ? or relies on their own efforts to fight for ? I did not understand it in the past , now I find the answer from the words of God : “There is a key sentence in the verses concerning “God created Eve,” and you may underline it: and whatever Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof. Who was the one that gave names to every living creature? It was Adam rather than God. This word tells man a fact: When God created man, He gave him wisdom. That is to say, man’s wisdom was from God. This is beyond doubt. Why? Since God created Adam, had Adam ever been to school? Could he read? After God created all the living creatures, did Adam know them when seeing them? Had God told him what their names were? God certainly had not taught him how to give names to every living creature either. This was a fact! Then how did he know how to give names to these living creatures and what names he should give to them? This had to do with such an issue as what God added to Adam when he was created. The fact proves that when God created man, He added His wisdom to man. This is a key point. You all shall hear it clearly! There is another key point that you should be clear about: After Adam gave names to these living creatures, to God the names of these living creatures were decided. ”“God created man, and He gave man His breath and also gave man some of His wisdom, of His power, and of what He has and is. After God gave man these, man could do something independently and think something independently. If what man thought out or what he did was good in God’s eyes, God would accept it and not interfere in it, and as for the right things man did, God would let them be so.”(from A Continuation of The Word Appears in the Flesh )
    From the words of God, I know when God created man ,He gave him wisdom , neither people were born with , nor to fight on their own efforts , as the sentence often be said : " ninety-nine percent sweat , there is still a point of inspiration "This point tells us the inspiration is the wisdom God gives , as long as what people do is justice , God would bless them . As the son of David, king of Israel, Solomon did not ask God for the world 's wealth, but only the wisdom to govern the State of Israel , hoping that the people live and work happily. In the Jehovah God´s eyes , the Solomon ask all of the right thing , so the Lord God not only gave him wisdom , but also gave him abundantly blessing and grace .We know that the wisdom and wealth people have are derived from God .
    God bless!
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