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Who here enjoys DIY Projects?

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  • Who here enjoys DIY Projects?

    Im obsessed with Pintrest because they have so many crafty projects for all ages! From decorating mason jars to adding pretty fairy lights around the house.

    Projects are a good way to past the time and can add beauty to your home.

    who here likes doing projects?

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    I do enjoy doing most projects by myself. The Instructables site has really helped me perform different projects easily. This helps me avoid buying expensive products that I can make by myself. I recommend that everyone should try DIY projects.

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      My wife does a lot of arts and crafts type things and likes them very much. Some are practical (e.g., sewing clothes) while others just for fun. I do a decent amount of handmade stuff as part of taking of our property and do a ton of maintenance and repair on equipment, but I wouldn't say I'm really into DIY projects strictly for fun. A recent example is I'm working on a new wood shed to store our firewood. It isn't "just because", but rather to replace one that is no longer workable.
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