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The ascension convention (love soldiers arrive)

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    The ascension convention (love soldiers arrive)

    the ascension convention in honour of one worth the mention who offers redemption. It is no mistake that jesus died for our sake and that we are recipients of everlasting life and abundant love from the king of kings who helps us rise above.

    there is nothing too great or too small that can’t be overcome by jesus who stands tall so make the call to jesus christ lord of all. let him know what desires are in your heart for he is gracious enough to supply a brand new start

    we reap what we sow and you must know that you don’t belong below but rather seated in heavenly places with our creator god who gave us new shoe laces so we can start a fresh walk with him and turn from our sin for it’s time to begin to throw away our collectvie pasts into the bin. the future holds great things from the amazing blessings God brings. So join with me as we sing our praise with worship songs that amaze

    a thankful heart prepares the way for the lord of lords and his word is as sharp as a two-edged sword.

    Jesus is the way, the truth and the life so step away from your strife and welcome the holy spirit into your being for once you were blind but now you’re seeingso in closing i invite all of you to join god’s crew and be a courageous soldier for his son. We have our battles but the war is already won.

    so let’s put our hands together in celebration for the master of creation in preparation for this special occasion of freedom in every nation and the homes of our relations

    Praise God. Amen.
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