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The beauty of your majesty

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  • The beauty of your majesty

    ''The Beauty of Your Majesty''

    You are the One for me and I want them all to see because You have set me free and now I know I’m free completely.
    The beauty of Your majesty
    Your completion of our destiny
    There’s no distance too far for your love to fill our hearts
    We welcome You LORD and we are all in one accord
    We welcome Jesus in this place and we all love gazing into Your face
    We are all loving on You Jesus
    For You are the One who frees us
    From the very start you’ve opened up our hearts
    We want You first in our lives and we are honored when You arrive
    We need not search below or above for we exist because of Your truth and love
    We will never again be looking back for peace lives in Your presence it’s a fact
    We come boldly before Your throne of grace and You are as sweet as honey to the taste
    He’s the One who really sees us
    He’s the only One who frees us
    Thank You for all that You do
    My friend wants to know You too
    You’re always there when we fall apart for Your love fills our heart
    If we search for You we’ll find and we know You’ll never leave us behind for you’re forever kind
    Holy Spirit come into this place and put the answers in our face
    What are you waiting for? Jesus has been there before
    Just come to Him open and raw
    You’ll feel warm love from your core
    Fresh new beginning, no more sinning
    What are you waiting for? Just let Jesus open the doors
    Show us your love for it’s all we dream of
    Are you ready to receive? All you must do is believe
    Your sweet taste we savor
    For we love ourselves and our neighbor
    We shall all speak of Your truth and we’re expectant of a breakthrough…
    Lyrics (and song ‘’Within’’) by: Tom Edward Douglas Johnson ([email protected])
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