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Stormy love (look above)

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  • Stormy love (look above)

    stormy love

    in the eye of the storm we do not admire the lawn or even scourn lest we be torn between coming together to survive not only the weather but also to attract a subject more true so when we collectively look at you (jesus) it is then we know what to do when our destinies collide and promote a wondrous peace to reside within our very soul enabling destiny's role to be fulfilled at last where we change our gaze to the present not past...stormy love provides one who confides and at last we discover a friend who does not pretend and is a beginning not end so that we collectively send for a hand to lend in times of struggle and fear but together so near to a truth so clear we all hold it so is the inclusion of a perfect profusion of understanding that is never demanding and keeps us all landing coming to a position of standing securely on our feet therefore one who always defeats any challenge presenting with confidence unrelenting. Praise god
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