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CHRISTIAN POEMS (AWESOME) "Love To Stay (No Other Way)" & "The Seed of Hearts'' & ''No Fear Here''

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    CHRISTIAN POEMS (AWESOME) "Love To Stay (No Other Way)" & "The Seed of Hearts'' & ''No Fear Here''

    “love to stay (no other way)”

    it is time to tell all of you about a subject so true that it can only come from one place (albeit not enough to count every face) but is sufficient enough to raise your attention and definitely adequate to achieve retention. So memorise the following statement that i put to you: There are some things that surpass what is old and what is new. It is as timeless as time itself and you can’t leave it on any shelf. You either have it as a centrepiece of your favourite room so you won’t be forgetting about it anytime soon and i dare to say that you’ll make it through every day knowing you’re sure to be okay for you’re sure when love is center it will always stay…

    john 3:16

    “the seed of hearts”

    my life has just begun – i’m all of thirty-one and won’t stop until i’m done and god sends back his son. Jesus is his name and through the ages he remains the same. Yesterday, today and forever for there is no one better. Who the son of god sets free is free indeed and i wish to tell everyone about a seed. It’s the seed that has finally taken root and has begun to shoot. They say if you shoot for the moon, you’ll still land near a star. But i tell you our aim might be a bit too far. The seed is closer to home and all around us too. It’s our collectively scattered spirits that bring forth fruit for me and you. It’s the reflection of god’s image underneath every face. It’s the fruit of the spirit we must be prepared to taste. So before the garden of eden is restored and jesus himself comes back to judge…how about uniting our fruitful spirits together so we’re strong and righteous enough to never budge. Let us all stand together strong in truth and spirit. After all…that is where our hearts will hear it.

    “no fear here”

    steer the wheel but not by what you feel. The road directions from the enemy are to kill, destroy and steal. God’s son jesus speaks to us when we remain still, instead of chasing the next thrill that comes with a costly bill. There is a love so true and it does not cost you. Jesus’ love is free which is why he died on cavalry. But remember he defeated death in three days to give us life to this day when he raised. He went to heaven, hell and high water, too. He took away everything that shouldn’t be part of you. So embrace who you really are, for there is no distance too close nor far for christ’s unconditional love to shine brighter than any star. Perfect love casts out all fear so with his light you can always steer.

    Written by:


    tom edward douglas johnson

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