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I tried this for a while.

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    I tried this for a while.

    I went to a church with no clergy
    Where members all sat in a ring
    Each one anxiously waiting to hear
    If another would say any thing

    Some days we were swamped
    With words so abundant
    That all cups ran over with joy
    And others a silence akin to a deafness
    Was the best that their tongues could employ

    Sometimes I sat in that church when twas empty
    Waiting for hours upon end
    Hoping for someone to turn up and join me
    And speak words the silence to rend

    But often they joined and were silent
    I guess they’d no message to feed
    But if all who are gathered are feeling the same
    Who’ll cater to everyone’s need?

    So we sat there in silence till one came along
    who gave us a word of true worth
    Then all of a sudden we’re back in full swing
    New treasures of faith to unearth.

    I have never written a poem, however, I like to read poetry and listen to poems. I studied art and literature in college, therefore, I take interest in poetry. When I was in college, we were required to not only interpret poems, but also write own poems. However, I always chose to interpret instead of writing.
    I found the poem very meaningful.
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