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What's your favorite christmas song

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    What's your favorite christmas song

    Hello brothers and sisters.
    I want to create nice christmas playlist, with best beutiful christmas song of all times.
    for fun and cosy hollidays with family and friends.
    exectly i will share this mood with you!;)

    just send me song and artist name.
    [FONT=helvetica][SIZE=14px]any feedback is very appreciated. God bless ya all[/SIZE][/FONT]

    There are so many great Christmas songs. I have many favorites.

    Silent Night
    White Christmas
    Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
    The Little Drummer Boy
    The 12 Days of Christmas
    God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
    Oh Come All Ye Faithful
    Let it Snow, Let it Snow
    Good King Wenceslas

    And so man more...


      Michael W. Smith - Christmastime
      Michael W. Smith - Gloria

        One of my favorite song is "You rise me up". When I have some trouble and I feel hopeless, I pray to God and sing this song. This is the first song my grandpa taught me.

          I have to give two answers to this question.

          For something cozy to listen to with the rest of the family, I'd recommend Michael Buble's Christmas album. It's a personal favorite and I found many people, with different tastes, seem to enjoy it.

          Now, as for my favorite Christmas album, I'd choose Family Force 5's "Christmas Pageant". They're a band that's a little "different", to say the least, but the boys genuinely love Jesus, so it's neat to hear something a little "different" from a Christian band. This is a great CD for teens and young adults during Christmas time. As much as I do love that album, I know not everyone shares my taste in music, so this one is reserved for my own personal enjoyment. :)

            A song I like to listen to around Christmas that has a nice feel to it,but its not that well known,and I heard it playing at a Barnes & Noble book store in the late nineties I think. This song is one you don't hear everyday and is called, "It Happened in Sun Valley" and sung by Mel Torme(on his 1992 Christmas Songs album) and the ochestra playing is pretty good being that is was done by Glen Miller originally in a movie. Although it has no mention of Christmas in its lyrics but it does have a great winter theme to it overall.
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