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New album by electron7

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  • New album by electron7

    Hello I present to you ,the new album by electron7. "The secret place-musical manna" It's available for download! You can download the album in high-quality lossless music! (mp3 VBR,Flac,ALAC (Apple Lossless), AAC, or Ogg Vorbis format) The secret place - musical manna | electron7 you can also download the 3 albums of the secret place series in high quality as 1 digital download! You will have one album for free in high quality! And a lot of extras and surprises! The secret place series (3 albums in 1 download) | electron7 Or you can download it for free in low quality mp3 files. Electron7 - The secret place - musical manna | Jamendo Music - Free music downloads The journey awaits you. This is the third album in the series. The secret place series is primarily a special project. Since i am a Christian, i wanted a kind of music to come in His presence. But it had to be inspired by the Holy spirit,so i prayed for it. In creating this series of “The secret place” CDs, my heart’s desire is for you to personally encounter our beautiful God. I long for you to be utterly ruined with the love and the emotions of our Beloved. May you be reawakened with fresh revelation of the cross and become hopelessly and violently abandoned to your First Love. It is a collection of quiet songs to come in the presence of God, to listen to His voice and to go in prayer. I have tried to create an environment where people felt the presence of God; For anyone looking for music for soaking, praying,meditation… Greetings electron7 electron7 [FONT=georgia][SIZE=14px] [/SIZE][/FONT]
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