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Some Misc Music

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    Some Misc Music

    I'll just link some of my favorite music here, most of what I listen to is Christian-oriented.

    Skillet- American Noise Link

    Skillet - Hero Link

    Skillet- The Last Night Link

    Skillet- Comatose Link

    Okay, that is all rock music by the way, Hard-rock Christian music, might not be your thing, but I absolutely love it, they're my favorite band :)

    for KING & COUNTRY - Shoulders Link

    for KING & COUNTRY- "The Proof Of Your Love" Link

    Newsboys- God's Not Dead Link (Love this one so much, Newsboys is a great band)

    TobyMac- Speak Life Link

    TobyMac- Me Without You Link

    TobyMac- Forgiveness ft. Lecrae Link

    Matthew West- More Link
    Christian Rap Evangel- Starnger 2 Stranger Feat. Mac the Duolos Link

    Lecrae- Just Like You Link

    Those are my favorites :)

    I do not listen to Christian music much, but when I do I prefer Reformed Christian music. In church I prefer classical hymns.

    Here's an example of some of my favorite music. This is from the Christian genre:

    I actually prefer some songs that do not fall into the Christian genre, but clearly are Christian inspired:

    Thanks for sharing Agustofwind,

    God bless,
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