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Eat,Pray,Love -A movie about a pilgrimage to sacred sites

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  • Eat,Pray,Love -A movie about a pilgrimage to sacred sites

    A good movie about taking a spiritual renewal(pilgrimage) to spiritual sites,is Eat,Pray,Love with Julia Roberts-has anybody else seen this movie and she travels to 3 countries -italy,india,and Bali. This movie shows her adventures and her encounter with spiritual leaders as well and it has some really great scenery in it also. What did you think of this movie or did it leave you a bit cold as far as her(roberts)having a relationship with God?

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    If it is anything like the book....

    Eat Pray Love

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      I saw the movie, and I have to say that there was very little in it that pointed to God as I know Him.

      The film seemed to be focussed on a journey of self discovery, which may be exactly what the author and many people in our world need, but at no point did I see her take a step towards a faith in God.

      So my opinion of the film is, like many movies, it delivers on entertainment value, is funny in parts, has something to teach about humanity and human relationships, butas far as the spiritual value it was very lightweight.

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        I read the book but I have not watched the movie fully. I loved the book as she travels to three different places in the quest to find a way to connect with her true inner self. I was so taken by the way she travels and the way she describes the things. It's one of the best books I have read. I will watch the movie soon. Thanks for the thread.
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