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  • Boyka:Undisputed

    Sometimes, we find ourselves having weird talents that leave us in a dilemma. This is because they involve engaging to some level of sin. One wants to do as God wishes while at the same time your talent's calling. Boyka is a 2016 movie that features a fighter whose talent is in the ring. He has a dream of participating in the big league and he, therefore, works hard, winning matches back to back. He donated to the church and severally had an internal conflict especially when the priest insisted that God does not love fighting as it maimed others. On the qualifying match, he ruthlessly beats the opponent who later succumbs to injuries. Boyka learning this traces the wife of the dead fighter. He finds that they owed a certain tycoon money and therefore the wife is ever held hostage. He makes a deal with the tycoon to fight so that the woman may be set free. In the end, Boyka emerges victorious, and the woman eventually forgives him. He is remorseful of his actions. It is a nice movie that has lots of emotions.
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