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Do You Believe?

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    Do You Believe?

    I recently saw a movie on DVD called Do You Believe? It was so moving and brought tears to my eyes. It's about twelve people struggling in the journey of life, who are confronted about who the Lord is to them in a thought provoking and life changing way. Has anyone else ever seen it? If yes, what did you think of the film?

    I got to watch this movie when it came out in the theater. I really enjoyed it very much, far more than God's Not Dead honestly. It was interesting the way they showed different people struggling with their own problems. I appreciate it not ending in tragedy. But it did keep me on edge at the end there, that accident scene at the bridge was intense. It's a powerful message and everyone that was with me really enjoyed it.

      I haven't seen this movie yet, I really need to see it because from what you say it is a very interesting subject to follow. Thanks for sharing, I will sure watch it very soon!
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