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Favorite Christmas Movies ?

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  • Favorite Christmas Movies ?

    Does anybody have any favorite Christmas movies that they like to watch around the holidays? I tend to watch a couple of these movies they show sometimes on the religious channels(TBN),where I became aware of them. The two I like are "A Christmas Snow" and has Catherine Mary Stewart in it,and its about finding the true meaning of Christmas and the other is the"The Christmas Box" and has Richard Thomas in it,and is about a guy that keeps having a dream about an angel. I tend to watch these two every year around Christmas.

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    My favorite Christmas movie is home alone. Most because I like humor and also we all enjoy the movie; the kids, even my grandmother finds the movie interesting.

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      The Cokeville Miracle.

      It was based on a true story.
      Cokeville Elementary School hostage crisis - Wikipedia

      Really moving.


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        Home alone definitely. We've all seen it dozens of times and we can watch it over and over again. It's very entertaining and funny, and the kid outsmarting the thieves is hilarious. There are a few others that I like also, but I can't remember at the moment.
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