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  • Horror movies

    Do you like horror movies? Do you think the events depicted in the horror movies can actually happen in real life?
    I enjoy watching horror movies, however, I don't think the events depicted in the horror movies can actually occur. I think satan exits, however, most of the events shown in horror movies are hyperbolic.

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    I used to watch horror movies, but find no enjoyment in them anymore. The closest I get would be movies in the Underworld franchise or the like.

    When it comes to whether or not life imitates art, there are plenty of documented cases where things go on that are way worse than what are depicted in movies. There are plenty of serial killers that are more screwed up than villains in movies. However, when it comes to supernatural events of course that is not possible.

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      I tend to prefer the atmospheric type of horror movie, with good writing and plot. A series of jump scares and tomato sauce everywhere just gets boring, and I find I leave the cinema a bit numb rather than having had a good time.

      Many of the modern horror films are based on murderers or events that actually happened. The supernatural is an addition, and unlikely, but it is worth remembering that some killers, like Ed Gein really were as bad as the movie killers. Ed Gein actually inspired multiple on-screen killers. A hotel where the residents are killed for their money? Actually happened. There are some screwed-up people out there.

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        I love to watch horror movies. I know it's just a story and didn't happen in real life. I do believe some things that happens in those movies can happen in real life though, such as being possessed by satan.

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          I love horror movies as well especially Asian horror movies and I do believe that Asians make the scariest movies. I've seen other Hollywood horror films as well, some are too frightening and some are just okay. One of the scariest Hollywood movie that I have seen was The Exorcist and The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Japanese horror movies are great and some of those that I find really horrifying are The Ring, The Grudge and Ring 0, as well as this Thai movie Shutter. The most thrilling and creepy are those films that are based in real life, which can be more chillier!

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            For me, it'd have to be The Conjuring (just watched it the other night and still have goosebumps) or one of the great classics like the Entity or Poltergeist. Ghost movies are the only ones that really get a scare out of me anymore.

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              I am really not much into the storylines so much, but really more into the the scenery of these Horror flicks because some of these movies show you the beautiful scenery of place you can not physically travel to sometimes? They show you God's creation in some beautiful countries like the mountains and rivers,also some of the villages that are quite interesting as well,because lets face facts, these movies show mankind at its worst to say the least? The last one took place in Wales and was called "Soulmate",but I enjoyed the setting a lot?
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