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  • Sully

    Just watched this movie a few days ago and I think it's a great one! Tom Hanks did an amazing job in this movie (as he always does) and it's nice to know that he had saved all of his passengers that day and that he remained still and calm regardless of what they've been through. I feel bad for the 2 pilots since they have been blamed even if they've done such a heroic act. This only proves that people will say something no matter what you do, whether it's good or bad.

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    I wasn't aware the pilots had been blamed for it. A birdstrike can happen to anyone and after what happened in the Potomac crash in 1982 (which was the pilots' fault for not de-icing properly) people were well aware that everyone surviving such an incident was an incredible feat of flying.

    I tend to avoid this type of film because they play up the drama so much, and fictionalise real people to have said and done things they did not, sometimes not positively, which is rather like lying about them. How well does it compare to the CBS special, or Air Crash Investigation special?

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      It's one of those films that I will watch one day if it ever gets put on TV but I'm not going to pay money to go see it at the cinema. I'm sure it's good but like said above I'm sure they've added a few things here and there to make the film a lot more exciting compared to what actually happened in the real life event. I would much rather just watch one of those special documentaries that recreate certain parts of the event and don't add anything to them.

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        Sully is one of the greatest movies I have seen for a long time. I am being a pilot cannot agree more with what has been shown in the movie. It has become a general policy in modern times to blame a pilot before any investigation has been done about the incident based on initial reports. Sully has done what no pilot on this earth has even attempted before and saved every single soul on board. If you haven't watched it yet, I would say it is a must watch movie. Tom Hanks has done a wonderful job in this movie.

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          I haven't seen the movie yet but I am sure going to. Because of Tom Hanks mostly. He is my all-time favorite actor, and I believe that he did a great job here, as he always does. I guess that when it comes to biography movies you can't be wrong by picking Hanks for the role. Since he always brings the character in its best light for sure. Just look at the Forrest Gump, or Captain Phillips.

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            Judging by the date on this thread, the movie must be quite old, but I haven't seen it either. I love Tom Hanks' performance in a lot of his older films, but I have to say that I've been disappointed by him in recent years when it comes to being a role model and mentor to the people who actually look up to him. That may have something to do with why I didn't bother seeing this particular movie...
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