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Why Christians Now Rule Hollywood

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    Why Christians Now Rule Hollywood

    Why Christians Now Rule Hollywood When last weekend’s box office numbers were revealed one superstar came out on top. It wasn’t Denzel Washington, Robert Downey, Jr. or any of the other usual names from Hollywood’s A-list. In fact, this A-lister did not even appear in any film credits at all, but may have just become […]

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    I wouldn't call getting some low-budget and spineless, sometimes outright perverted, shows and movies exactly evidence of Christians ruling Hollywood. More like those ruling Hollywood slapping the word "Jesus" on a few things to get Christians to buy low-quality merchandise.

    Perverted? Like in the movie Noah where fallen angels help save Noah from the Flood? Or, the Red Tent which portrays two of the immediate children of Jacob as being completely cold-blooded killers and Jacob's daughter as being too smart to believe in God. Or, AD The Bible Continues which is gutted of all biblical values and otherwise turns the Bible upside down, such as making Pontius Pilate guilty of forcing Jesus to be crucified. And, so on.
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