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Hymns for different people.

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    Hymns for different people.

    The Dentist’s Hymn Crown Him with Many Crowns
    The Weatherman’s Hymn There Shall be Showers of Blessings
    The Contractor’s Hymn The church is One foundation
    The Tailor’s Hymn Holy, Holy, Holy[/FONT]
    The Golfer’s Hymn There is a Green Hill Far Away
    The Politician’s Hymn Standing on the Promises
    The Optometrist’s Hymn Open My Eyes That I May See
    The IRS Agent’s Hymn I Surrender All
    The Gossip’s Hymn Pass it On
    The Shopper’s Hymn Sweet Bye and Bye
    The Realtor’s Hymn I’ve Got a Mansion Just Over the Hilltop
    The Massage Therapists Hymn He Touched Me
    The Doctor’s Hymn The Great Physician

    And for those who speed on the highway – a few Hymns
    45mph God Will Take Care of You
    65mph Nearer My God To Thee
    85mph This World is Not My Home
    95mhp Lord, I am Coming Home
    100mph Precious Memories

    Do You Know Your Hymns ? | Morning Story and Dilbert
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