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Tim Hawkins on Hand Raising

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  • Tim Hawkins on Hand Raising

    I watch this before going to church last Sunday and couldn't help but look around. I was having fun counting the people doing the various parts. I grew up in a church where people didn't move or raise a hand before moving to California. Then they rock back and forth and move their hands. It's really fun but his names for them are hilarious.

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    He is one of my favorite comedians. I have been following him for almost 10 years now.

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      Tim is pretty funny. My wife and I saw him live a few months ago.

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        I always like a good wholesome laugh, and this guy is pretty good. Thanks for the share LeapOfFaith89 - I can use something to lighten the mood on an otherwise pretty uneventful Saturday night. I love the names he has too, and I definitely know that my mother is a big screen TV person when she is in church. I might have to tell her that next time I see her and see what she has to say. I am guessing I will have to explain the joke.

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          Tim is hysterical! I wish I could see him live, but he rarely comes up to Canada. Much less to the more isolated region that I live in. (Nothing as far as the eye can see! ... It's actually kind of beautiful.) I have to say that my favorite bit of his was about throwing the brick at his... third child? I think that's right. Very good delivery.
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