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Newbie here looking for Vegan Deodorant!

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    Newbie here looking for Vegan Deodorant!

    Hello mate,I

    I am newbie here. I need your help please. I hope someone will help me replying to my thread. I'm looking for a Vegan Deodorant. Which Vegan Deodorant do you use mate? I have heard about Ardent Vegan Deodorant. So I am bit interested to try for it. Which I would like to try Ardent Vegan Deodorant because the below benefits-

    1) Neutralize Sweat
    2) No Clogged Pores
    3) Skin Whitening
    4) Heal Skin
    5) No Staining
    6) Safe to Use
    7) Reduced Risk of Cancer

    Lots of advantageous using Ardent Vegan Deodorant. If you have another option I would like to try that one too. Please let me know your suggestion. Thanks!

    Huh, I though it was all vegan, they must use animal fat or fish oil I guess.
    I dont use deodorant that often myself because it can actually make your armpits stink more by causing bacteria to grow, so when you shower and wash it off that bacteria in your skin prores stinks more than it would normally, at least that's what I heard anyway.


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