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GMO Seeds In Agriculture

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  • GMO Seeds In Agriculture

    I have always had mixed feelings about GMOs. I don't mind that they put jellyfish DNA in cats with cancer to track how DNA passes on cancer through generations. It's not great but doesn't seem to harm them as much as the cancer does and they are in contained quarters as long as PETA doesn't decide to free them. On the other hand I don't like GMO seeds being used in the open where they can contaminate wild, heirloom, and hybrid plants. Genetic splice always has a feeling of scientist playing God and it never ends well. But is this really any different then grafting one plant onto another like most citrus and apples?

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    Here in the rural, agriculturally-focused part of the west, GMOs have been a hot topic. I've studied it quite a bit and, while I am no expert, I am not all that alarmed by the development. There has been an intense amount of study on the topic and I've yet to see anything particularly credible about deleterious health effects. In fact, the overwhelming scientific consensus is that they are safe for human consumption. So, I understand the need for caution, but by the same token, many of the supposed negatives are based upon pseudoscience, fear-mongering, or both.
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