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Weight Training?

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  • Weight Training?

    I am curious if others engage in weight training. Some years back I got involved with a gym where I life weights in a circuit, as well as some side workout, and have found it is a real benefit in building muscle and keep the pounds off. I've read in some places it can be hard on the joints, but I haven't really noticed anything of the sort.

    Anyway, I am just wondering. If so, what kind of workouts do you enjoy? Any that didn't work? Thanks. :)

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    yes, I used to do weight training back in the day and still do,but I remember my favorite was running or hiking and even jumping with ankle weights,and I would like to start doing that again. It really gets the blood flowing to the heart,but another exercise with weights is kind of a aerobic with very light weights-like 5 pound dumbells,which I do on a regular basis,mostly I do this exercise these days and its good for your bone density as well.

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      I try to have a mix of exercise activities when I workout. I do a bit of weight training but it's not a very intense motion. Otherwise, I do push ups, jogging, stretching, skipping, and stair climbing. I don't put a lot of emphasis on weights. I may just maintain enough of that activity to keep my muscles in tune.

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        I am still in a process of convincing myself to join a gym. I have a hard time doing that because I know that if I just go and start, I'll do it for about a week or maybe two, and then quit. I don't want to do that so I want to be sure that I won't quit when I start it. I am going to join a gym in 2-3 months though. No more postponing. :D I do go for a swim sometimes and ride my bike very often, that counts for some exercise right? I love riding a bike it is my favorite exercise.

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          I use to enjoy the workout every day for 25 minutes and I think it is healthy for us. I think it is the best of age reversal and it is a positive activity. It keeps you away from drugs and other bad habits as no one would like to waste his health on negative activities. I never faced problems with my joints or bones due to workout.

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            Well, cardio is the best workout. Cardio not only helps in Weight loss, but also Stronger heart and lungs, increased bone density, reduced stress, better sleep. When you exercise, you become a role model for all the people in your life. But only workout is not enough if your aiming for weight loss, switch to healthy diet habit like having fruits, veggies, nuts also one can add natural and healthy weight loss supplement to enhance body stamina, metabolism and providing proper nutrients to increase strength to workout.
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