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Danger of the IoT

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    Danger of the IoT

    The internet security company Kaspersky has warned that the growth of the "Internet of Things" will pose a majort security problem for us.

    "The IoT will create a whole variety of entry points for hackers to infiltrate homes and businesses, he claimed, including via a phone connected to a device, as well as the computer that controls it..... They will also allow hackers to siphon off personal or confidential data stored on the devices, as well as the controllers." And quoting Eugene Kaspersky "Maybe in the future there are iPhones, iPads, then smart TVs, then maybe smartwatches, then smart cars, smart coffee machines, vacuum cleaners, smart houses," he finished.

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    BTW - in case you think this is a bit farfetched, in this country the utility companies are about to start a rollout of "smart meters". Electricity (and I think gas) meters will be linked to the utility company so they can control them. The big benefit to them comes when "smart" appliances are installed so that when they are short of power they can (for example) switch of the freezer or refridgerator.
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