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Wifi On Windows 10

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  • Wifi On Windows 10

    I recently upgraded to Windows 7. I love everything about it so far. However, since last week, I could not connect to the Wifi.The wifi tab cannot go on either. I have looked on the internet for solutions but all have not worked. I am considering switching back to Windows 7 since I entirely depend on Wifi. Anyone with a similar case or a solution?

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    To be honest I am not experiencing any WiFi problems on my Windows 10. However, I do experience a lot of other problems. Like losing sound ,computer freezing, sound cracks, sometimes slow working... It all started when they deployed some first big update 2 years ago roughly. And yet it still isn't fixed. I am also thinking about switching back to 7, but I am in a no hurry. In your case on the other hand, having no internet is really bad. I suggest you roll back to 7 for now. But try looking upon the internet, I'm sure that there are many other people having the exact same problem as you do.

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      Hi Gad, I use Windows 10 for my personal laptop, and ithas intermittent issues connecting to Wifi.

      I have found that usually the problem is fixed by rebooting my wifi router, as it seems my isp is the issuerather than the operating system in my laptop.

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        There may be a possibility that your wifi adapter is not compatible with Windows 10. Though, if you are able to connect your laptop via ethernet I would look for an update for your adapter to possibly make it compatible. Also, you are able to buy wifi dongles that you plug into a usb port that will allow you to connect.
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