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  • Technology in The Church

    In this digital era, every institution has striven to simplify operations by adapting new technology in various departments. The church has not been left behind either. There are some churches in my country where they do not have tangible Bibles. They have tablets attached to each seat and the members access a soft copy of the Bible. I do not support this move since I feel that a Bible should be portable. One should have a hard copy of God's word. At some other churches, giving the offertory is through a pay bill number. I think that this is limiting some members and it's not a good step. Do you support such technology in the church?

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    Just because the technology is available doesn't mean it needs to be in the church pews. The church office -- probably yes. The church office needs to be as into technology as the most progressive church member is in the particular church. A smaller country church possibly not because it's congregation wouldn't be. Having said That -- seems like most Everyone has a small electronic device to communicate with. Even the great grand parents.

    The church I go to has pew Bibles available as well as offering envelopes. Lots of the congregation have their devices with a Bible app. I don't -- I use my 'book' Bible and the offering envelopes.

    And the church also has Scripture printed out on the overhead screen.

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      There is nothing wrong with technology as such. Problems arise when, along with the technology, it also imports the mindset of a large corporation's marketing department, and starts selling God as if he was a box of soap powder.

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        The technology would be used in the office / fliers to advertise VBS / using the overhead screen for announcements that everyone can see / that sort of thing. All I'm familiar with is how My church uses the technology.

        We put out our church schedule of activities in newsletter form that people can get in gmail. It's also put out in paper form at the church.

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          In our church we read the bible from the screen on the church wall we also read hymens "songs" from the screen recorded materials are distributed to members using emails and cds

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            As for Me -- I'll Always take my paper Bible with me to church. There are enough people sitting around me that do the same that I feel fine doing so. And even if there weren't -- I'd Still carry my own Bible.

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              I wouldn't say that it will hurt, but i believe that it can have a lot of advantages since it will help the younger generation to become more familiar with the church and actually get involved.
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