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If the Secret Service goes through with this…we’re ALL going to jail

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    If the Secret Service goes through with this…we’re ALL going to jail

    by Ashley Edwardson

    The entire staff of allenbwest.com may be leaving home soon, but not for vacation. This time we’ll be taking our striped pajamas and a ball and chain. I hope at least one of us gets the room Martha Stewart had — it should be tastefully decorated and have air freshener. When that little dinner plate slides through the opening on the floor, it would be nice if it’s the Summertime Rose line from the English Heirloom Collection, a particularly lovely pattern.

    You see, The US Secret Service is advertising on the Federal Business Opportunities website for developers who can create software that will detect SARCASM on social media. I kid you not.

    As The Hill reports, In an online notice posted on Monday, the agency said that it was looking for a “social media analytics software tool” that could “detect sarcasm and false positives,” among other features.

    The service should also be able to analyze information in real time, search key words in multiple languages, represent trends in “heat maps” and graphs and divide up Web activity by audience and geography, the Secret Service said.

    George Orwell saw the horrible future with impressive accuracy. The surveillance state is coming, by way of computer AI. And, Orwell also was right about "freedom" being redefined so that we wouldn't even have the vocabulary to think about freedom. Listening to the Democrat Party, freedom is the prohibition of the evil of discrimination (discrimination is a word that actually means freedom).
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