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    Books can take us to magical places. They capture our imagination and bring us on adventures that we'd never get to experience in "real life." JK Rowling grabbed my imagination by the horns when releasing the Harry Potter series. As a child, that was the very first book to have ever kept my attention. Rowling easily became my first favorite author. I appreciated an author's work for what it is and noticed the unique styles of writing. Nowadays, this still holds true for me.

    Do you have a favorite author?
    What made you fall in love with their work?

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    Over the past couple of years I have really grabbed onto anything that I could find from the classics, especially Frantz Fanon and then some literary classics too like Poe and Hawthorne. However, before this weird little phase, I was really into E.L Doctorow. My favorite of his is The City of God but he was some other good ones, and if you enjoy intellectual reading with interesting stories and plots, then he is a good one to consider.

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      I love everything I have ever read written by Elisabeth Elliott. She suffered great loss in her lifetime and has a lot to teach us regarding obedience and faithfulness to Christ.

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        Originally posted by BookishGirl View Post
        I love everything I have ever read written by Elisabeth Elliott. She suffered great loss in her lifetime and has a lot to teach us regarding obedience and faithfulness to Christ.
        I have never looked into any books about Christ, aside from the bible. I think it's about time that I do some reading, when it comes to this subject. I'm not familiar with Elisabeth Elliott. I read a lot of romance and fantasy, but I would love to get involved in a good book about Christianity. It's something I've never explored. I feared that I would become bored with the subject, but it's something that would probably help me throughout my day to day life. I am going to bookmark her and make sure to look into her writing. :)

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          The best seller of all time, besides the bible, is Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan. It is the second best selling book in history. If you appreciate good literature, you may want to check it out:

          The Pilgrim's Progress (Moody Classics): John Bunyan, Rosalie De Rosset: 9780802456540: Amazon.com: Books

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            Recently I have been reading Rice Brooks. He is an apologist. His book God's Not Dead inspired the movie of the same title. Now I am reading Man Myth Messiah, which was inspiration for the sequel to God's Not Dead. I love reading any kind of apologetic teachings.

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              I read a lot of fiction, both old and new, and a lot of children's literature. Mark Twain is one of my favorite authors, as well as C. S. Lewis for his Narnia books. But I have been known to read just about any fiction if it's well written. I must confess, however, that I don't really care much for Christian fiction! I find it tends to be too wishy washy and saccharine for my tastes.

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                I have ready several of Dinesh D'Souza's books, and really enjoyed "What's So Great about Christianity", "Life after Death" and "Roots of Obama's Rage". He writes at a high level, almost a collegiate level, which does limit the population that would really appreciate the complex arguments that he puts forth. If you enjoy some heavier reading, I highly recommend his books as his research is excellent and the conclusions are sound.

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                  Jk Rowling is my favorite autuor. As well as Hemingway, JD Salinger and Jean Thomas.

                  Jean Thomas is a self help author. She gives advice on how I can handle my anxiety. She writes mostly ebooks that you can find on Amazon. Check out 365 Ways to Manage Anxiey.

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                    I enjoy Tolkien's works. I have a hard time with any sort of allegory with a Christian theme. Very hard for me to actually enjoy the story when I'm constantly trying to figure out where the author is coming from and if their theology and my own line up. We can be too trusting with the phrase "Christian Literature" and really let down our defenses for bad theology. At least with secular works you have that wall up all the time.

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                      I loved the Narnia books as a child, although I was young enough that the allegory sailed right over my head.

                      One of my favourite authors has just died. Richard Adams, author of Watership Down, Shardik and many other tales finally passed away. He was in his nineties, a second world war veteran, and much loved author. I also liked his writing, even it was often shelved as children's literature by people who saw talking animals and didn't look any further. Watership Down as a book must have been eye-opening to many children, and the film something many parents regretted not watching first!

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                        I have a lot of favorite authors though, but like anything with some good scenery in it,as far as novels and fiction go,but I really like art and gardening books quite a bit as well,and anything outside in nature and that restores your sanity is good though. I feel I'm getting like- what Claude Monet said one time-"I'm good for nothing except painting and gardening".

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                          I have a few selection of authors that i follow closely and i try to read every single one of their releases, i'll list few which are the following: Stephen King, James Patterson and last but not least Rick Riordan.

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                            I am a big fan of thriller and suspense stories so my all time favorite author is Tess Gerritsen. The book has a character named Jane Rizzoli and she is a cop. She is smart, intelligent, bold, fearless, strong and super awesome. I read the whole series because of her and it is so interesting that I won't keep the book until I finish it entirely. :)

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                              I must confess I haven't read a lot in the last couple of years, mostly due to lack of time. When I was an avid reader, especially as a child, I enjoyed Jules Verne a lot. I read almost all of his books before turning 12. The very first one I read was Tribulations d'un Chinois en Chine and I was fascinated by his description of objects and gadgets, as well as the scenery of the old rural China.
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