What are we doing when we gather corporately and sing our praise to God? What is our intent? What is it that we believe we are achieving?

Those who call themselves "spiritual but not religious".

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    Those who call themselves "spiritual but not religious".

    Don't you just want to smack people who call themselves "spiritual but not religious"? I mean, seriously, what a wussified, cop-out answer that is! Grow up and get a spine! Babies! I despise that cowardly answer! I would rather somebody come right out and tell me they are a Shintoist/Buddhist. At least they stand for something!

    Reminded me of a meme we made a year or so ago:

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    God bless,

      Thank you for the laugh, William. My first reaction was to ask them which spirits they are talking about. (Just because you hear voices doesn't mean it's God talking to you...)

      I always thought what they meant was that they were New Age, or occassionally someone who dabbles with ouija and thinks that is 'edgy'. I've never met someone who said that who was an actual Spiritualist, who are the only people who might be able to say it accurately! When you start asking about their beliefs, most of the people I have spoken to who said that tended to quote a mismash of New Age beliefs rather than anything close to most religions (or even paganism).


        If one is not religious but they are spiritual, this could send they message that they could be open to the interpretation that they could be subscribing to something unwholesome because they are good and bad aspects involved with spiritualism.It would be useful if they would be precise as to what they are really into.The religious aspect may also be a complicated issue in the eyes of some people because for example, a Muslim who praises Allaah may believe that a Christion who praises God may not be a religious person and vice versa.


          I think there's a lot of people these days that mistake self-help with spirituality. Perhaps that's because many aspects of spirituality from various cultures and religions has been re-marketed as religion-free self-help...often resulting in an unmistakable "bleaching" of actual pearls of wisdom. If you've done your homework on various beliefs and religions, any self-help book seems like a bad copy-paste essay whipped up at the last moment before deadline, with only minor changes to eliminate any recognizable religious symbolism. When the bare bones of the methods used in various religions are merged with a different genre altogether, it's easy for the lines to blur.

          In any case, there's also people who see the term "religious" as a backwards taboo word that stands for some kind of a boogeyman, for their own reasons (upbringing, trauma, etc). It's not a surprise that these kinds of people would prefer to express their spontaneous and very human need for a spiritual development via a venue that doesn't bare the mark of any organised group of people.

            Originally posted by Diego View Post
            Don't you just want to smack people who call themselves "spiritual but not religious"?
            When I read the title of your thread, I was all set to post: Smack Them!

            You already had it covered.

              In my opinion the being religious is not different than being spiritual. We can say that religion is a way to be spiritual. I cannot understand that how people figure out themselves that they are spiritual. I think this could be the superiority complex as they pretend to be spiritual. People want to be something special without practicing their religion. Maybe this is an effort to stay noble in the eyes of people while a spiritual man always performs the act of kindness and humanity. If someone claims to be a spiritual person, he cannot be that that one.
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